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At HeartFire Media, we hear the terms Marketing and Public Relations thrown around interchangeably. Many people believe these two achieve the same goal. Although partially true — PR can be an integral component of a marketing strategy, it is not always synonymous with marketing.

Marketing creates a call to action, which leads to a purchase or “buying into” of a particular product or service. Public Relations is a little different.

Our Marketing Coordinator, Blanca Morales, who has five years of experience in media sales and marketing, says the big difference between Marketing and PR depends on your end goal. “PR is great for telling a story or shaping a brand’s reputation, but marketing is about appealing to a consumer by creating an incentive to act.” She expounds upon this by saying, “Marketing adds value to your product or your services. This lets consumers know your product is an option in an increasingly saturated marketplace.”

PR spins the public’s perception of your services or goods, versus explicitly encouraging a purchase. She said, “It is less about telling people to go buy your product, than about giving them a positive perception of your product you can control.”

Her advice for anyone seeking Marketing and Public Relations is:

  1. Look at your numbers and determine your goals. If your goal is to increase sales by x amount in a certain amount of time, start with a marketing strategy to ensure you meet your quota.
  2. From there determine what your marketing strategy is going to be (we recommend finding an expert in the field to help you) – whether that strategy will be an increased social media presence, purchasing advertising or fixing up your website.
  3. Once your marketing strategy is on track, consider adding a public relations strategy to increase your brand’s recognition in the market and control the public’s perception of your brand in a way that aligns with your goals.

Remember, HeartFire Media is a leading creative agency that can help you with both your Marketing and PR needs. Schedule a meeting with us and let us help you reach your greatest potential! Contact Sam Najera or Blanca Morales at

For many, especially small businesses, marketing may seem like an expensive luxury. Many choose to ignore it but there are several ways to market your brand/store/image without feeling like money is just being poured down the drain.

We understand what it means to be on a budget and still want to get your name out to many. Through our experience and our expertise, we have come up with ways to do just that:

  1. Social Media is FREE. Social Media can be your best friend when presenting your name to the public while not paying a dime. A solid social media strategy can not only begin a great reputation but can also reach a wide amount of people that could turn into potential customers. This is your way of communicating to the public on a daily basis about your services and even a little of your personality. The more content that gets shared the better it is for you, so it is important to get creative and engaging with your FB/Twitter/Instagram followers. Now, if you want to make your posts reach a VAST amount of people in a short amount of time you can always “boost” your posts on Facebook. This does take a little bit of money but it is a fast way to gain a greater audience and could pay off for itself.
  2. Are you an expert in your field? Start a blog! Blogs are an eminent tool that allows you to not only publish helpful content but post about the services that you offer. If you think that blogs take TOO much time, you can always have contributors to your blog. This opens the doors to perhaps other audiences that belong to that writer as well as show a vast array of voices on your blog.
  3. Create a short, 2-3 minute video of what you do. Corporate, testimonial, and other type of videos are a huge asset to your brand. We have talked about them in previous posts and greatly encourage using a reputable, creative agency to get you the quality of video you want. Worse than not having a video is having a poorly made one. This is a bit of an expense that you will be glad you invested in. Not only can these videos be used to send to your current customers but they can be posted on ALL your social media platforms, your website, and if you have a newsletter, on there as well.

Need help with your strategy? HeartFire Media is a leading agency in working alongside you to bring your marketing to life. We have vast services that range from video production, social media, and marketing/pr. Contact us at 800-235-3964 or email

You produced a high quality video that checks all of the boxes from our previous post, How To Produce a Rockin’ Company Video. Now you’re stuck with how to distribute this video and get as many views as possible.

First priority is figuring out who your audience is (which you probably already did when creating the video). Sit down and make a list of the demographics you want to have engage with your video. This helps with scatter brain as well as with the publications you will choose to send your video to.

As far as hosting your video, YouTube is a great tool. It is the most popular video hosting site and is prominent on Google searches.

Once you have a working link for your video make sure to spread the word on ALL your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. With Instagram we advise to take a screen shot of your video, add the link to your bio (since links still don’t work on posts) and have your post refer them to watching your video. Instagram is a very visual form of social media and can sometimes slip our minds because we attribute it to just photos.

Make sure to also add your video to your company website, blog and any newsletter you send out.

Aside from your own social media accounts, a vital component of spreading the word is to do a little PR with your video. Try to pitch it to local publications (this goes back to knowing the demographic you’re working to target.) Best case scenario is that you’re getting your message out to many people who are now learning about your company.

Still need help? We at HeartFire Media can help you in creating your effective corporate video. From start to finish, we help you create the storyboard, write the script, shoot/edit, and come up with a strategic distribution plan. If your business or organization needs a great video or would like a quote, please give us a call at 800-235-3964 or email

SAN ANTONIO — After a long, bumpy ride to its final TV destination, a San Antonio reality show about living large in a small house finally has a premiere date.

“Lil’ Texas Livin’,” which originally cast former local lifestyle co-host Cassandra Lazenby as its star and was supposed to debut last summer on CBS affiliate KENS, now announces a new host and television home.

The pilot will bow at 11:30 a.m. March 19 on Fox affiliate KABB. A second episode will air at the same time the following Sunday, March 26.

 Ebullient WOAI and KABB traffic anchor Claudia Garofalo said she’s thrilled to add this new half-hour to her duties, which also include co-hosting on “San Antonio Living.”

“We taped the show during the summer and part of fall last year. It walks families through the home-buying process while encountering sudden challenges,” Garofalo said.

After all, what kind of reality show would it be without challenges, not to mention soapy ups and downs?

The show was created by Jennifer Gonzalez and Michael Shackelford of the Alamo Community Group, a local nonprofit pushing the affordable housing movement.

In an earlier interview, they said they hoped  to put small vacant lots throughout San Antonio to good use and provide families with affordable homes that, though small, could accommodate their needs and desires.

The families cast would have lively personalities, they added, and the show would illustrate what it takes to buy and build one of these homes from the ground up.

Also included would be useful tips for keeping heating and cooling bills low and ways to make rooms look bigger, such as painting walls lighter colors.

HeartFire Media was hired to produce and direct and to bring their vision to life.

“If all goes well, Alamo Community Group plans on investing in further episodes and hopefully a full season this year,” HeartFire’s president Samantha Najera wrote in an email.

Garofalo said she’s enjoyed the experience.

“You get to know incredible families who are willing to go through all the hurdles of home buying,” she said.

“They all have one goal in mind, owning their own home. It’s actually kind of educational, and definitely a heart-warming show with some twists!”

Story by: Jeanne Jakle for mySA


Before there was social media or even the World Wide Web, people would depend on word of mouth for business recommendations. What did their neighbor have to say about that Physician down the street? Was he reliable? Friendly?

Now, in our world that is overwhelmed by online content, word of mouth has evolved into online reviews. You scroll down Amazon, see a product you like and one of the first things you do is check to see their reviews.

When it comes having a business, testimonial videos are vital to bringing the word of mouth custom into the 21st century.

Why do they matter to your marketing strategy?

Your Reputation – This is vital. What others say and think about your business is what makes or breaks you. No business is perfect but this is where testimonial videos can help show your consumers that your brand is reliable.

Relatable – This puts the person behind the review into light. This is where emotions and human connection can take place.

Great Promotion – A great, professional looking testimonial video can be added to your website, all of your social media sites, and any marketing platforms you use. We live in a video content world and a quick video that gets a message across is great for “sharing” and even promoting your business.

 We at HeartFire Media can help with just that. We specialize in creating effective testimonial videos that reach a specific target audience in the San Antonio market. If your business or organization need a great video or would like a quote, please give us a call at 800-235-3964 or email

Have you ever caught yourself just scrolling down aimlessly on Facebook, letting all the words just pass by? Yet, when you see a video (especially one with high engagement) you take the time to watch? This is because we are, and have been in the past several years, part of a fast paced media society. In order to not be left in the dust you want your message to get across to your customers with a more concise delivery of information. This is where videos come in.

Here are a few reasons why you should jump on the video marketing bandwagon:

• Your Brand Becomes Humanized: Video allows you to personalize your brand and put a face to your product or service. Doing this creates a meaningful connection between your business and your clients. Nowadays effective marketing is no longer what you tell your clients, but what your clients tell other clients. Using video allows them to share your message more effectively, creating an experience and something your customers will talk about with others. This testimonial video really gives you an inside look into our brand and what we offer.

• People Love To Be Entertained: When done right, video can be highly entertaining and engaging. Incorporating funny or real-life moments, animation and emotional music will naturally entertain your viewer. Think of how many times you’ve seen a video that made you smile. Did you share it? Most likely you have. Driving a message through an entertaining video is highly effective and almost guaranteed to be memorable. Here is a sample of a fun video we did called San Antonio is Happy.

• Video Has The Power To Sway: The right video can turn a simple viewer into an actual client. We all learn differently, hear differently and see things in a different light. When you show people what you do and truly make them understand your products or services, this has the power to make them either switch to your business or use your products or services in the future.

• People Like To Share Great Content: Studies show that people love to share great content with their friends and colleagues. There’s no greater way to attract new business than for a marketing video to go viral. When one person shares with another, this can create traction written content cannot do. We all want to go viral, video gives you a better chance.

• Tags Are Key To Videos and SEO: Tagging your videos on YouTube, Facebook and all other social media networks allows for your business to grow organically. Granted, this may not happen overnight, but the chances are increased. Tags, descriptions and titles offer easy SEO value. When a potential client looking for your services types in keywords on Google, you want to be first! Video tags are key to making this a reality.

While video shouldn’t be your only means of marketing, we encourage you to include it in your business objectives. We at HeartFire Media can help with just that. We specialize in creating effective marketing videos that reach a specific target audience in the San Antonio market. From start to finish, we help you create the storyboard, write the script, shoot/edit, and come up with a strategic distribution plan. If your business or organization need a great video or would like a quote, please give us a call at 800-235-3964 or email

Guess what is coming this Sunday?


The anticipation for all the new TV commercials that will be revealed throughout the game is perhaps one of the top reasons that people watch the Super Bowl in the first place. We at Heartfire Media are definitely some of those people! These ads can cost companies up to $5 million for a 30-second spot, according to CBS President Leslie Moonves via Forbes. As pricey as that is, these are dollars that are well spent if you make a memorable, unique TV commercial that not only brings awareness to your brand but helps your image and yearly sells.

We have listed our picks for the top 10 Super bowl TV commercials of ALL time. These TV commercials are cultural staples. They have made their way from being talked about the days following the Super Bowl to becoming pop cultural icons. Definitely a goal any company would want to attain

10. Cindy Crawford, Pepsi, 1992:

Who remembers the movie The Sandlot? It included a funny scene of young boys in love with a much older lifeguard. Well, this Pepsi commercial is a 30 second version of that movie. The innocence of the boys in love with bombshell Cindy Crawford. Which you can’t have an iconic TV commercial without the supermodel of the 90’s Cindy Crawford. The young boys ogle her all while commenting how beauuutiful the Pepsi can, is. This is humorous, timeless and a winner.

9. Air Nike, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, 1992:

Michael Jordan was making a TV commercial for his Air Jordan VII and ingeniously the director could not think of a more well-known star than Bugs Bunny to be his co-star. It was a hit. So much so that the movie Space Jam got its beginnings from it. Looney Tunes meets real life. Quirky, fun and a sweet concept.

8. Mean Joe, Coca Cola, 1979: 

An oldie but a goodie. This big, mean, football player (Joe Greene) is approached by a young fan. What brings them together? What shakes the mean out of Mean Joe? Coca-Cola. The young boy offers his Coke and as Joe takes and drinks it, everything changes. Cheerful music begins and happiness in Joe and the young boy is shown through the screen. A heartfelt commercial that made a mark for decades.

7. Apple, 1984

This was the beginning. The Apple we know today – innovative, on its own terms, sleek, started that brand image with this TV commercial. Competitors were vast for the home computer market in the 80’s but Apple wanted to be its own entity. An allusion of George Orwell’s novel, 1984, the woman running through with a hammer is the image of Apple saving humanity from conformity. It is a simple concept but is visually stimulating. They could do this same commercial today and it would be relevant to what we know Apple as a brand to be.

6. Cowboy Kid, Doritos, 2014:

Who doesn’t love a good story of the underdog coming on top? This TV commercial is a humorous take on how a brother that was picked on by his other smart aleck brother gets back at him by taking the bag of Doritos. A dog as a horse? Probably not realistic, but cute nonetheless.

5. Betty White, Snickers, 2010

“You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Snickers’ tag line is beautifully done with this hilarious commercial. Betty White plays the “hungry” version of a guy who’s playing football with his buddies. Grumpy but SO funny. He becomes “himself” after that first bite of Snickers. It’s seamless and sends out the message of Snickers being your anecdote to hunger. A classic.

4. Time Machine, Doritos, 2014:

Doritos started a “Crash the Super Bowl” contest that allowed customers to shoot their own Doritos Super Bowl ad that would be voted by viewers. This one took the win and it’s not hard to see why. It’s practically a 30 second movie. Funny with an unexpected twist. By the way, who else was curious why the kid didn’t keep the Doritos but gave it to his dog? Nonetheless, he/she was a cute sidekick.

3. Lost Dog, Budweiser, 2015:



So we have to admit, this is the only tear jerker on our list. You can’t watch this TV commercial without having your heart strings pulled at. Puppy videos are always a win in our book but when you add an unbreakable bond with another animal? One that pushes through struggles: environmental (uh, can that rain shot not be any more heartbreaking?), a hungry wolf and miles between them, especially with that song in the background? Pass us the tissues. Such a sweet commercial and it shows the heart behind the brand, Budweiser. Beer nonetheless but they’re smart in their marketing strategy and have time and time again done it just right. Remember the frogs saying, “Bud. Weis. Er.” Kudos Budweiser, well done.

2. When I Grow Up,, 1999:

18 years have gone by and this commercial is still relevant today. A lot of these “aspirations” that these kids share showed the bias and unfairness in many institutions. “I want to be a Yes Woman,” “I want to be paid less for doing the same job,” “I want to be replaced on a whim,” are a few examples. It was a strong message that was relatable and definitely put on the map as the anecdote to the jobs that were treating employees unfairly. The message was, “You wouldn’t want a child to aspire to this. If this is how YOU feel visit to find a job that appreciates you.”

1. Walken Closet, KIA, 2016:

When you put someone like the icon Christopher Walken in a TV commercial, whose voice is widely known, you get people’s attention. KIA to be quite honest is not a name synonymous with luxury but that does not stop them from wanting you to think of them as unique. Not luxury, not cliché, but unique. Walken is telling the audience in short, “don’t be khaki, don’t be like everyone else, buy a KIA.”

Here at Heartfire Media we love producing videos whether it is a TV commercial, a viral video, or a corporate video. We specialize in video marketing in San Antonio. Call us today for more information.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!


Excited as we were to score deals for our wish list must-haves during Black Friday and Cyber Monday — Giving Tuesday is still our favorite “shopping” day of the year. Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to give the gift of time and/or donations to those who are in great need worldwide. It always occurs the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Here are a few ways we’ll be giving back to San Antonio and the surrounding area this Giving Tuesday and in the weeks to come. We hope to inspire you, your friends, and your family to do the same.

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children – Texas24th Annual Jingle Bell Run

This event in the heart of Gruene, Texas promises to be fun for the entire family. The 24th Annual Jingle Bell Run will be Saturday, Dec. 10th from 8 AM to 12 PM. Besides a chip-timed 5k race, there’s also a kids-only 1K race, so your little ones can be included too! Running isn’t your forte? There are several opportunities for volunteering at the Jingle Bell Run, whether it’s serving food at Gruene Hall or helping coordinate the ongoing Wellness Expo. Proceeds of the event directly benefit SJRC Texas, a local nonprofit providing homes for abandoned and abused children in Bexar County. To register as a runner, volunteer, or as a corporate sponsor, click HERE.



SAMMinistries: Kid 2 Kid Christmas Challenge

Pledge your child’s commitment to the #Kid2KidChristmasChallenge, by donating a brand-new toy in lieu of an additional present for your child. This is a great opportunity for children to directly give back to their peers. Toy donations can be made through Dec. 3rd at SAMM Ministries Donation Station, 5246 Blanco Rd., or online HERE. Don’t forget to post a picture on social media with the hashtags #MyGiftYourGift & #Kid2KidChristmasChallenge! Volunteers are also needed to wrap Christmas gifts in SAMMinistries’ housing programs on Saturday, Dec. 10th from 9 AM to 1 PM. Sign up HERE


Salvation Army: Angel Tree San Antonio

For more than 18 years, the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program has provided gifts to children all over the world. Each year they ask the community to brave the seasonal crowds to purchase a gift, or even a few, for underprivileged children. The ages range from newborn to 18 years and they ask that gifts be new, unwrapped and unopened. Gifts can be dropped off at Salvation Army’s San Antonio area command at 512 W. Elmira St. Visit Angel Tree San Antonio for more ways to help.


San Antonio Food Bank: Food4SA

San Antonio has an urgent need to collect 1 million pounds of food for underserved people in South Texas. There are several ways to help: 1) find a bag in the San Antonio Express News, refill it with nonperishable items, and drop off at your nearest SSFCU branch or HEB location. 2) Donate non-perishable items to any SSFCU branch or HEB location. Or 3) send the gift of a meal. $1 covers up to seven meals. Donate online at



WestSide YMCA: Toy Box for Kids

The Westside Family YMCA is hosting its annual Toy Box for Kids gift giving event to ensure that all children and teens in the west side community have a Christmas to remember. With the help of the community, the Westside Y is committed to helping all families enjoy Christmas, regardless of their income. This year, 500 children and teens, will receive gifts from the Toy Box for Kids Program. Gifts can be donated to the Westside YMCA at 2900 Ruiz St. through Dec. 2nd. The Toy Box for Kids event will take place on Wednesday, December 14 at 6-9 p.m. and will feature a family meal, photos with Santa, entertainment and families receiving their gifts.



Ever wanted to know the inside scoop on our projects from start to finish?

A few months ago, we received a phone call from the Gamez Law Firm. They had a clear vision for their new TV commercials, but lacked the video production know-how to see them come to life. Once they gave HeartFire Media the opportunity to help, we strategized the scope of work from top-to-bottom. Our work was cut out for us. We had four weeks to create two separate 30 second commercials — one commercial in English and one in Spanish.

Our first step was outlining our client’s ideas on paper and thinking critically about the processes required. This included concept-mapping, writing a script, securing the equipment/videographer, confirming shooting locations, and determining the best day for the shoot.

After securing the videographer (shout-out to Mitch Idol!) and locations for the shoot, we went to work on writing video concepts. We sent Gamez Law three separate concepts, all of which were very close to their original vision. After the concept was selected, we drafted a brief script and sent it to the client for review. After that was approved, we waited patiently for the shoot a week later — and prayed it wouldn’t rain!


Lucky for us, the shoot was a breeze (we were blessed with beautiful weather!) and the production wrapped in half a work day, including the time it took for Mitch to fly an awesome drone camera over I-10 (check out that billboard shot!).

While Mitch took about ten days to create a first draft of the commercial, we sent the script to two separate voice artists (one for English, one for Spanish). The completed voiceovers were then sent to Mitch, who synced them with his footage. The client had two rounds of minor changes. After the final commercial was approved and the files were sent to the local television stations, we were DONE!


Watch our videos HERE and HERE!

This was a great project with a quick turnaround! You can check it out on your local TV stations, including Univision. We hope you enjoy!


Univision News, the award-winning news division of Univision Communications, Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, will break new ground this week with the launch of “Noticiero Univision Edición Digital” (Noticiero Univision Digital Edition), the first network newscast conceived, designed and produced for LIVE simulcast on digital/social platforms plus broadcast television, and the only noon network newscast in the United States. Beginning on Monday, September 12, “Noticiero Univision Edición Digital” will be broadcast LIVE on the Univision Network and streamed LIVE on, Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope, Monday-Friday at 12:00 p.m. ET/PT (11:00 a.m. Central).

The one-of-a-kind digital edition of Univision’s flagship network newscast “Noticiero Univision” will fill the noon news gap for Spanish speakers across the nation while catering to millions of Hispanic digital natives and adopters who increasingly prefer to get their information through diverse platforms. Using state-of-the art digital and broadcast technology, the newscast will provide something no other network news show has offered before: a daily 30-minute roundup of uniquely presented national and international news coverage that viewers can watch directly on their TV sets, computers, mobile phones or tablets without the need for subscriptions of any kind.

Dynamic, informal and highly interactive, “Edición Digital” will deliver the news in a refreshingly bold, out-of-the-box format that matches the vibrant style of its two new anchors, accomplished young journalists Javier Olivares and Carolina Sarassa. Along with a talented team of reporters, Olivares and Sarassa will present the day’s most relevant stories from the floor of the Univision newsroom in a candid, conversational tone while staying connected with viewers via social media throughout the broadcast. Going even further in its unique style, the show will take viewers behind the scenes to see how the news reporting process works, and will actively engage its audience through the new #reporterodigital, which will enable users to become part of the news team by reporting breaking stories.

“This new show totally breaks the mold of traditional newscasts in its scope, reach, content, production, style, and even schedule, making it another first for Univision News,” said Patsy Loris, executive vice president and executive news director, Univision News. “From what’s happening in the U.S., Latin America and the world to what’s trending on social media and what videos are going viral each day, it’s all there in one single broadcast, accessible to anyone on any device, and airing in the middle of the day when no other network newscast is available. ‘Edición Digital’ will fill a need in the Latino audience and will also be another important piece of Destino 2016, Univision’s comprehensive election coverage, as we enter the final weeks in the race for the White House.”

Follow “Noticiero Univision Edición Digital” on social media via @UniNoticias, and its anchors via @JavierOlivares and @CarolinaSarassa. Viewers can also report news stories to the newscast through #reporterodigital.