Wow, what a year 2013 was. I can’t believe we have already been in business over a year and are well into year two!

Starting over wasn’t easy, but the pay off of marketing in San Antonio has been tremendous. I had to create an entirely new brand for HeartFire Media, land new clients, build a business infrastructure, oh and I had a baby! Whew! That was nuts. But, it was all worth it. Despite many things that could have set us back, we were able to come out on top with a great year one in business and a Silver ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation of San Antonio. And don’t forget my precious angel Miss Ava Grace, born October 26, 2013 

I am still to this day overwhelmed with the great support and love I received from people who really believe in my dream. It is an honor to be able to own a Marketing and Advertising agency and I don’t take my blessing lightly.  This year, I am already very excited about big things to come and know God likes to throw in some even better surprises here and there. But, with that being said, with more success comes more responsibility. We have amazing clients, but if we want to grow, we have to continuously go after bigger fish while serving the current fish with the best of our abilities. It’s a hefty task at hand, but we are game!


Another interesting thing I have discovered in the beginning stages of a media and marketing company, is that you go through a sort of identity crisis. You start off with a company mission statement that clearly shows what you offer. However, you will find through time that some of the services you offer either aren’t marketable, people don’t really need it, or it’s not profitable for the company. For us, we found photography to be one of those services that we just couldn’t offer anymore. Why? For one, photography is a part of marketing, so we will always offer it, but we are not a photography company. Two, the profitability is very low for us because the great talent we use charge a high amount, deservingly so.  Three, we really weren’t receiving any calls in regards to photography at all last year. That being said there were other things that we were called upon that were awesome opportunities including some great Marketing and Advertising projects that ,yet again, molded who we are as a business. We were also considering being just a video production company at one point, but that is not all we do and more importantly, not the only thing we are great at. HeartFire Media is a creative media and marketing firm in San Antonio and we are well on our way to becoming one of the best firms in the city.

The Vision – Becoming One of the Best Marketing Firms in San Antonio:


The overall vision for HeartFire Media, LLC. is to become one of the best creative firms in the State, supplying jobs to hundreds of talented videographers, designers, web developers, students, etc in the area. I truly want a multimillion-dollar facility to house TV shows, animation studios, films, and all creative works in one building. Is the dream too big? Never. May take a few years, but dreams are never too big.  Dreams often change as well. But no matter what happens, I will never stop fighting for something I believe in. I have come to far and defeated too many battles to quit now.

For 2014, I pray that we have continued success and that our passion continues to shine through our works. I want all of my present and future clients to know that I genuinely care about them and the projects they send our way. We treat everything as if it were our baby and make sure everyone is left with a smile after the projects are complete. We have a lot of work to do, but I have faith that we will continue to grow in the right direction with God on our side.

Again, thank you to all of our great clients, supporters, family, and friends who are standing by us during our baby stages of business. We will look back one day and be in awe at all of our accomplishments and be able to say ‘Remember when we were just a tiny 2-woman operation in a small office?” LOL I am ready to continue the journey. Please subscribe to our email list and we will keep you posted on all of the latest and greatest things happening with HeartFire Media!


Samantha Najera

P.S. We need your votes!! The San Antonio Current is hosting its annual “ Best of San Antonio” contest. Please vote for HeartFire Media under the “Best Start  Up” category. Visit this link vote for us!!! This would be great exposure for the company. Thanks in advance!

Luke 12:48

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted withmuch, much more will be asked.”


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