Hi there! It’s been a busy past few weeks and we are ready to share much more info on producing a quality video that you won’t regret investing in. Investment, yes I said the word. Why? Because it can be a one-time cost that will definitely get you a ROI, but is also used for branding and public relations purposes. Videos are not only imperative for your marketing strategy, but you will need it for several reasons, ie. capturing the essence of what your company provides and what makes it special, capturing an important event, vlogging (video blogging), TV commercial use, etc.


Tips for Producing a Quality Marketing Video

#1. Begin with the right messaging/scripting. Always know what point you want to make and write in a conversational style. No one can relate to a cold news anchor. Remember the 5 W’s- What, Who, When, Why, and Where?

#2. Keep it concise. The normal person will not watch a video over 2 minutes, so keep it nice and tight.

#3. Be Creative. Always try to think outside of the box. Google other companies who have videos to make sure you aren’t doing the exact same thing, make it your own. Also, keep in mind the details that can make the biggest difference in creativity such as music, graphics, and special effects.

#4. Call to Action- Always leave opportunity at the end of the video to let the audience know what you want them to do…  “Call Us Now! Visit Our Website!”

#5. Equipment is Everything- The quality of  your video is highly based upon the equipment used to edit and shoot your video. Do not use your cell phone for professional video, and yes, everyone can tell the difference. By now technology has advanced enough for all video to be high definition, however everyone thinks they are a great film maker and may use outdated equipment that will only be a bad reflection of your brand. Now who wants that? Here at HFM, we use some of the best equipment for shooting and editing in the industry and take pride in only producing quality products.

From my last blog I explained that YouTube reports that people spend over 6 BILLION hours each month watching videos on their site. So if you have a great website, email list, or social media platform to distribute the video, you will have a great start on distribution. Also, I highly recommend uploading your video to YouTube for best search engine optimization. We also use Vimeo here at HFM, which is meant mainly for production companies to display large amounts of projects in high definition.

If you are interested in having your own video made and have no idea where to start, give us a call. We will be more than happy to walk you through the process. We make it fast, easy, and as convenient as possible to bring your vision to life. Video production is a must-have marketing tool that is investment you will want to make.

Speaking of viral videos! We are proud to announce that we are currently producing the San Antonio is HAPPY video! The video is a compilation of local people and celebrities dancing and singing to the Happy song by Pharrell Williams. We sent out an announcement to all major organizations in San Antonio and had great reception. Be on the lookout for our video by the end of this week. Super excited to make it go viral and we would appreciate the support. As always we are here for all of your marketing needs, let us know how we can ever be of service.

Love always,

Samantha Najera

Ephesians 3:20 ” Now Glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.”

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