Most people are hesitant to begin any marketing because they are uninformed about their options and the process. It’s not that bad and we promise it doesn’t bite. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about marketing and what we do here at HeartFire Media, LLC.

FAQ’s here at HeartFire Media, LLC.

Q1. What do I need to create a good marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is crucial to any business. It determines your success as a company and your success as a representative of that company. Look for three things: accuracy, consistency, and clearness. Accuracy determines your mission statement/brand image throughout the marketing strategy. Consistency determines your brand image is matched through every tactic within the marketing strategy. Clearness determines the deadlines for your strategy; make sure the strategy has clear and definite goals for each tactic. This makes it easier to determine and measure the success of your marketing strategy after the strategy is completed.

Q2. Who is my targeted audience?

Your target audience of your marketing strategy is who your product/service is intended for. Ask yourself, who buys/uses your product? What are their ages? What kind of people are they? Knowing your targeted audience is the first step to your marketing strategy because it determines your brand image, your messaging, and where you will be advertising.

Q3. What services do you offer?

We offer top-quality video production, website design/development including SEO, high-end graphic design, and marketing/PR strategies to suit whatever our client may need for a successful business.

Q4. How much does it cost?

The quick way to answer this question depends on your budget and what you’re looking for. A website? A new logo? A flyer? A marketing strategy? A testimonial video? A commercial? At HeartFire, we offer packages that included any or all of these examples to fit any budget.

Our rates are competitive!

  • Marketing/PR Consulting- $65/ hour (Avg. Market Rate- $85 +)
  • Video Production – $125/hour (Avg. Market Rate- $150 +)
  • Graphic Design- $75/hour (Avg. Market Rate- $85 +)
  • Web Development- $100/hour (Avg. Market Rate- $125 +)

Our SEO services are also available at various rates and are contingent upon your needs.

PLEASE REMEMBER YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Your creative marketing needs to be done right the first time. Too many times do we hear about the cheap graphic designer who did a bad job or the web developer that took off with all their website info and they could no longer log in. Don’t let this be you.

Q5. When will I see results from my marketing efforts?

Like all good things, marketing takes time and patience. The most important thing for your marketing strategy is the consistency of your plan. Overtime, your audience will grow and will notice the consistency of your brand throughout the media they consume. Consistency allows your brand to appear trustworthy and the audience will notice it. It may be a matter of weeks or months when that audience will go to you as a source because of what they’ve seen. We always recommend a minimum of a 6-month marketing campaign to see results. If you commit to one year, you will definitely see the fruits of your labor.

Q6. Why should I trust you to do my marketing?

HeartFire Media’s award winning team and long line of satisfied customers comes from our team’s dedication and passion to make your vision come to life. We are well-rounded in our expertise and put 110% percent into every project that comes our way.  We have worked with some of the most prominent businesses here in San Antonio and our clients will testify to our great work. We also do our own marketing! We practice what we preach.

Q7. Do I choose a large agency or a small consulting firm?

This depends on your company size and budget. Larger agencies may charge more money but can handle your multimillion-dollar campaign with national advertising, public relations campaigns, and high-end video production. Smaller agencies normally charge much less but still offer the same great services as a larger agency. Do the research on who their clients are and make sure they don’t have any bad reviews online. There are lots of ‘marketing’ professionals in the city of San Antonio, but few can follow through with their promises. Whether small or large…each type of agency can be beneficial for your business, it just depends on the size of your project and whether or not the agency you contact can bring that project to fruition.

Q8. What is the difference between Marketing & Public Relations?

For marketing, the goal is to earn a profit from any implemented marketing strategy. This is achieved by investing money for things like commercials, videos, website, etc.

For public relations, there is a different goal in mind, a goal set to maintain a brand or product’s image overall. This is achieved by community relations, customer satisfaction, public reputation, and free publicity.

Q9. Why is video important for my marketing strategy?

Read our recent blog on this topic.

We hope this was a helpful read. If you didn’t see a particular question email it us at and your question could be used as our next blog topic. As always, please let us know if we could ever be of service for any of your marketing needs.


Samantha Najera

PSALM 103:5 “ He fills my life with good things.”

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