Rapper ‘Highstrung’ Releases Powerful Music Video About Social Injustice

San Antonio (Nov. 18, 2014) – It’s the year 2014. We have a president of African descent

in “the land of the free.” Yet Hip-hop artist Paul Hightower, commonly known as “Highstrung,” believes we

still have a lot of progress to make. Today, he released a new gripping music video entitled “Social Injustice,” which

conveys a powerful message about the deaths of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant. Highstrung wrote

the track and produced the music video primed to go viral world-wide in which he re-enacts the controversial deaths

of Brown, Martin and Grant. All of them were black males and have been deemed in much of public opinion to be

victims of social injustice.

Killeen native Highstrung, who has been making hip-hop music for 14 years, wanted to create a meaningful song

that would take a stand on the increasingly pressing problem. “I feel this is an issue that we all need to talk about and

I wanted to help do that through my music. As a young black male, I have the need to express my feelings through

my art because it could have been me or someone I know that was killed. I think that social injustice impacts

everyone,” explained Highstrung. “This song symbolizes that for the first time in a long time, my generation is

standing for something and doing something about it. I am trying to take a stand against inequality and unjust

situations. This music video is meant to shed light on a dark reality going on in our world every day that has been

going on for years,” he further explained.

The music video was directed by Mike Beltran. Highstrung and his manager, Samantha Najera of HeartFire Media, are

working to make the video go viral to spread the message worldwide. Highstrung was also the artist who produced

the viral song ‘Spurs Nation’ during the 2014 playoffs.

WATCH “Social Injustice” VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3lYGEG5x2E

About Highstrung

San Antonio artist, Highstrung, was born Paul Hightower. The Texas native represents a man ready to transform the

rap game. Originally from Killeen, Texas, Highstrung distinguishes himself from that norm by delivering stories of his

lifelong experiences, his feelings toward current events and issues, and his passion for the industry.

Highstrung exhibits the charisma of a strong motivator and talented artist with a firm belief in putting his life in God’s

hands. In 2014, he partnered with HeartFire Media a creative media and marketing firm in San Antonio and created

a song entitled, “Spurs Nation” showcasing the community’s love for the San Antonio Spurs and their devoted fan

base. The video for “Spurs Nation” went viral within a week topping over 15,000 views.

To speak to Highstrung about the impact and powerful message of his latest music video “Social Injustice,” or to book an

event, please contact Samantha Najera at 800-235-3964. HeartFire Media is a creative marketing firm specializing in video

production, web design and development, online marketing strategy, and marketing/PR consulting. The company was

voted the 2014 ‘Best Start Up’ by the San Antonio Current.

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