If you haven’t realized it yet, Millennials are in the process of taking over the world as we know it. It’s a generation bigger than the baby boomers—with over 77 million so you shouldn’t find it surprising to see companies cater to their needs. Millennials dominate the market. How can companies best reach them? The answer is simple. They’re drawn to convenience and quality. Born with computers and cell phones, they’re used to instant communication and instant information. Technology at their fingertips will get their attention better than just about anything.

Media in all forms reel them in. Visuals like videos and pictures make messages clearer. A product or service is much more appealing with a video. Not just any video, a creative video. While older generations may be easily impressed, millennials are definitely not. The days of only one media outlet are long gone. Social media itself, like Facebook, has started to evolve with lots of videos throughout newsfeeds ranging from commercials to funny vines. Status updates aren’t as common as before. The newsfeeds tend to carry more videos and ads than anything else.

How To Keep Their Attention

Keeping their attention is a continuous struggle. Companies have begun let go of their tight structure.  Wordy and descriptive pitches will only push the person away from buying. Simplicity is important. Make your message short, sweet and to the point. Extra information isn’t needed. They want everything within seconds, because they are easily bored. When done right, an effective brand will gain a loyal customer who will market for you and will not only talk about the product to their friends, they’ll start a conversation online about it and possibly blog.

Convenience makes them happiest. When I say convenience, I mean in time and money. This means choosing the best deal for their budget. They go the extra mile to make sure that they are not being ripped off or if they can price match at Wal-Mart, then they’ll do it. Jobs don’t come easy, so the need to be thrifty and save every penny is definitely important to them.

Millennials like to feel connected with everything. Social media does just that. It gives a voice to reach anyone they want. Ultimately, contributing to twitter social media contests or campaigns actually get them a chance in winning something. In a normal sweepstakes the chances of winning anything are very slim, but in social media, freebies are everywhere.

As a millennial myself, I am always online.  I see how I depend on social media to stay connected to the world around me. More than 90% of people have a smart phone. If I didn’t have a smartphone, I wouldn’t be in the loop. Companies utilize social media, smartphone apps, websites and email blasts to get their word out. I find out about the latest news, movies and music through Facebook or Twitter.  Social media communication is more instant than the traditional word of mouth. When it comes to shopping, I discover all the best deals and promotions before they even start. I can shop for a blouse from Forever 21 while lying in bed. Who wouldn’t want the convenience of bypassing lines?  As a matter of fact, lots of my daily purchases are made online including Fandango for movie tickets, Amazon.com for books and DVD’s, and of course numerous clothing stores including American Eagle and Old Navy.

How can you get through to Millennials? It’s a just a matter of keeping up with the flow and being able to make an impression that lasts. We are the tech savvy game-changers of today—connecting to the world in all sorts of ways.Impressions needs to be made within seconds otherwise it’s likely we’ll never grasp your message. Our overactive mind resembles the multi-tasking device in your hands. Though our generation has a need for immediate satisfaction, we are loyal customers to the brands we love and spend our money wisely. Be creative, innovative and keep up with trends.

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