If you haven’t noticed, the trend for marketing to Hispanics is growing. Companies are realizing the buying power of the Latino community and are beefing up their marketing strategies. Just in the state of California, Latinos are projected to soon surpass the white population. Hispanics take up over 50% of the population of our great city here in San Antonio and 17% of the nation. If you haven’t started thinking about marketing to a Latino audience, you are already behind.

McDonald’s, Toyota, Wal-Mart, and Dish are among many large companies who invest millions in Latino marketing. From social media strategies, marketing campaigns, TV ads, you name it, they are all about reaching this particular audience because they need them on their side. Latinos are known for being ‘brand loyal’, meaning once they like a product and/or can relate to it, you pretty much have their support for life.

During the world cup, Hyundai used hash tag #BecauseFutbol. Coca-Cola has always been on their A-game and has been great at reaching the Latino audience. Selena Quintanilla served as one of their spokes people when she was alive and saw great results from it.  Watch the TV commercial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj0WZFIeytY. In 2013, Walmart spent almost $60 million in advertising campaigns specifically targeting Hispanic audiences. The superstore corporation also entered into a three-year partnership with Univision Communications, the largest Hispanic company in the U.S., to help develop customized content at the local level for Hispanic communities.

Many Latinos in America are bilingual and this particular campaign is my personal favorite because it resonates with a Latina like myself.  It is the AT&T “Mobile Movement”. It brings to light the biculturalism of Latinos who were raised in the United States. The campaign ignites a conversation most people don’t talk about—how Hispanics move between two worlds. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOKZtrwKW1U.

What You Need to Know for Marketing:

The  key to attracting the growing bicultural population is to relate to them. How do you relate to them? Well…Latinos are very family oriented, love to have fun, enjoy keeping cultural traditions alive, are loyal, and also want the ‘American’ dream. If your brand can touch on any of those above, you are golden.

We are proud to say that here at HeartFire Media we are also bilingual and bicultural. We have the ability to market to both audiences in English and in Spanish. We can help your company reach this audience and their buying power through branding, social media strategy, video marketing, advertising and a great PR strategy. Before you market, you need to understand your audience and we are the team to help.

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