SAN ANTONIO (August 26, 2015) – HeartFire Media, a local creative media and marketing firm, released a new video called “Raspa Revolution”.

The 3-minute video takes you on a savory evolution of the Raspa – a trend born out of the San Antonio area.  From the start of the Picadilly, to the Ultimate Mango-rita, this video has it all.

“I wanted people from all over the world to see the fascinating food art we have started here in my hometown,” explained HeartFire Media owner Samantha Najera. “It truly is a Raspa Revolution. We can no longer eat a simple snow cone. From now out it has to be smothered with chamoy, candy, or fruit. I have asked around and there is no one making rapsas like they do here in San Antonio and there’s no better way to beat the heat in this smoldering weather, than with a tasty raspa. We hope our videos continue to make people smile and celebrate the Latino-American culture we all love.”

The video stars a big component of why the raspa has evolved- Mr. Jaime Morales-owner of Big Daddy’s Eats and Treats. He explains why his raspas have completely changed the way we eat shaved ice. A medley of mouth watering clips follow, leaving you wanting more.

HeartFire Media is also the producer of two previously released successful videos involving the San Antonio community including the “San Antonio is HAPPY” and “Spurs Nation”, and Selena Tribute videos, all with more than 15,000 views each.

“The videos we produce always celebrate the people and culture of San Antonio. We have a unique city and I love to show the world what makes this an incredible place to live, work and play,” said Najera. “We are humbled by all of the support we have received and hope to continue producing great content that showcases our city while being inspirational and just plain fun.”



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