Go Around The World Without Going Around The World:

Let’s Talk Periscope


There’s something quite magical about being able to watch others create, move, inspire, educate and have fun all in real time. This is exactly what the newest app on the block allows you to do. Periscope takes you around the world without going around the world, literally.

You can interact with anyone, anywhere and all with minimal time investment. You can tune in live and watch someone laying on the beach or hiking in Yellowstone National Park all while remaining in the comfort of your home.

Periscope goes global, for you. No money to travel? No worries. Periscope can take you to Turkey and back, allowing you to change the outlook on the world and expand your thoughts on life all within a click of a button. Find streamers, name your stream, tap videos to give them “hearts” and enjoy everything Periscope has to offer.

In March of this year, Twitter purchased Periscope for a whopping $100 million dollars and we can see why! We, at HeartFire Media, created a Periscope account and since have had a ton of fun connecting with people from Brazil to Germany. The instant you post a video, Twitter automatically updates your newsfeed, letting all of your followers know you are now streaming LIVE on Periscope. Anyone can chime in and join the fun.

HeartFire Media, your company and individuals can now introduce a new product, take their clients behind the scenes, showcase the latest in fashion to the world, LIVE. Not only can you attract new followers, Periscope allows for your followers to instantly become customers. If they like what they see, they will come back. If they come back enough, they may buy what you sell.

Even if this is just another way to connect with people, Periscope is as organic as it gets. You can chat, ask questions and all in real time, with no prerecorded thoughts. It’s’ live, it’s global, it’s Periscope.

You can download Periscope for free at periscope.tv today and begin following our journey at HeartFire Media. Follow us on Twitter and Periscope @HeartFireMedia7 to see how we’re changing the creative and marketing world.

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