Maintaining social media can be a difficult thing for businesses to do, especially small or start-up companies. Unless you have someone dedicated to posting on all channels, it’s easy for time to pass without a post.

Often times small businesses complain about having a small following. However, it’s important to remember that’s it’s absolutely okay to start small. After all, we all do.

Sign Up Only For What You Need

Sometimes businesses start off with more social media than they need. They think they need it all, when in fact they only need Facebook and Twitter, or Twitter and Pinterest. It’s important to know which social channels your potential consumers are using. Don’t waste your time creating or posting in places that won’t be seen. Social media is time consuming, so make sure you’re properly targeting your demographic.

— Teenagers gravitate towards Vine, Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram

— Soon-to-be-wives and soon-to-be-moms are all about Pinterest

— Business types and leaders rule LinkedIn

— Everyday people and bloggers love Twitter and Facebook

Know Your Numbers

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business. Make sure that the time you’re investing is worth it. If you’re not properly using the analytical tools or the demographic pool effectively, everything you post could be going to waste.

Know Your Demographic

Your Facebook should target your demographic. From age to gender to zip codes, you can customize your demographic settings to directly target people who need your services or product and easily convert them to customers or fans. General targeting won’t do you any good. Money you put into boosting a post will be lost or the “likes” you get won’t matter.

Boost Your Page Before Your Posts

It’s important to focus on boosting your Facebook page before you boost single posts. If you only have 100 likes, boosting a post won’t make a difference. Boost your page until you reach 500 likes. Once you’re there, you can then begin to focus on boosting posts you believe to be interesting. You will attract more eyes and generate true interest on your page.

Be Visible

If you want to generate organic likes and loyal followers, you must be active on social media. If you don’t posts consistently or if you’re only posting once a week, you won’t see any growth. Make sure that you’re posting at least 5 times a week across your channels. Also make sure that your content is worth reading and worth a like or retweet. While this may take time to grow, the time and effort put into it will be worth it.

Choose A Consistent Name

Every social network requires a name. Make sure yours is consistent, and make sure it’s available on all networks before choosing it. The name you choose for Facebook should be used on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…People will only tag you or retweet you if they can remember you! They won’t be able to do that if your name is confusing or inconsistent.

Know What You’re Going To Post Before You Post

It’s important that you choose one day out of the week to schedule out or at least have a strategy for the upcoming week for all your social media channels. Failure to do this may result in failure to post content. Friday, Sunday or even Monday can be a good day to do this. Choose what day works best for your company and stick with it. It’s a nice feeling when you don’t have to worry about what you’re gonna post, day of.

Mix It Up

All businesses need a mix of testimonials, self-promotion and posts that are simply catchy. Post about what;s happening at work, how your day is, behind-the-scenes, upcoming news in your industry, a cat meme, blogs and more. The list in endless because content is endless! Get creative and make sure your page is a variety of interesting stuff for your followers.

Here are some common courtesy rules to follow as well:

– Follow people when they follow you
– Retweet interesting tweets on Twitter
– Mention others in your social media posts
– Tag those you work with on projects
– Respond to direct messages within a timely manner

Sound like too much to do? That’s where HeartFire Media comes in. We specialize in taking care of social media for our clients. From posting five times a week to tracking all analytics, we practice what we preach! We have social media packages starting as low as $500. Let us help you maintain a presence, grow your social media base and more.

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