After serving 27 years as Publisher of La Prensa de San Antonio newspaper, Mr. Tino Duran passed the publication’s leadership to his daughter, Nina Duran, in an official announcement during a press conference in front of City Hall on Monday, March 21st.

Twofold the exciting news, the legacy of La Prensa will continue along with a business merger with marketing firm HeartFire Media.

 “27 years ago my father took on the role of Publisher and since then has done nothing but great things for San Antonio. With my mother at his side and her brilliant ability to push my dad to new levels of success, we knew early on that La Prensa would become a staple. Although the road was not easy, my parents’ faith never wavered. There is a beautiful and necessary transformation that will soon take place at the paper in order for us to continue on this legacy they created,” explained Nina.

Mr. Tino Duran spoke as well. He talked about his first achievements in education and the pride and joy he felt every minute working at La Prensa. “I am extremely proud of my daughter Nina and know she will be able to continue on the legacy we created for the city of San Antonio,” he said.

Some changes the new company will bring to La Prensa include re-branding, digital presence, video content, and marketing services, which will roll out in the coming months. Samantha Najera, owner of HeartFire Media, talked about her excitement regarding the business merger.

“La Prensa is a very important part of San Antonio history, serving as the only bilingual publication, and the voice of the Hispanic community. As Nina and I discussed, how could we not continue on the legacy her mother and father worked so hard to create? I am very honored and humbled to be welcomed by the Duran family to take on this new endeavor and we can’t wait to reveal all the new things the paper will offer.”

As of this week, La Prensa and HeartFire Media will be relocating offices inside the Fine Silver Building, located at 816 Camaron Street, Suite 260. Fiesta Medals celebrating ‘La Nueva Generacion’ of La Prensa will be available for sale for $10 each. Those who come early will receive both 2015 and 2014 medals upon the purchase of the 2016 medal.

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