How Much Should I Spend On A Company Video?

Good question. Technology has changed a lot over the years, which means equipment and software used to produce great videos has also changed. I have some great insight on how to gauge how much to spend from your marketing budget on a solid video.

 The video production industry has seen a dramatic shift in the way they charge for services over the past 5-10 years because cameras are now smaller, faster, don’t require film, and film in high definition, 4K, drones, etc. This is a tremendous bonus for consumers like yourself because if you need something simple, you no longer require a full crew with hair/makeup artists, big cameras, big lights, sets, etc. Depending on your project, the minimum you need is a great videographer, a production assistant, good equipment, and a solid editor who uses the latest software for editing. Of course you need a producer to help you with your creative concept script, location scouting, casting, but that’s what I am here for :). Below are some sample projects and the price range you should expect to pay in the San Antonio market. Please remember, all of these projects are quality projects regardless of the cost. At HeartFire Media, we pride ourselves in being able to produce creative videos at an affordable rate, with the ultimate goal of you being able to produce several marketing videos per year.

Price Range: $3,500+

Price Range: $1,200+

Price Range: $6,000 + * Remember for large productions this should cost $15K+

Price Range: $2,500 +

Price Range: $1,500+

Price Range: $2,000+

 Are you interested in getting a video made for your company? Give us a call! We can help walk you through the process and make it as simple as possible. From concept development, script writing, location scouting, animations, etc., we can take care of it all. Don’t forget! We also produce videos in ESPAÑOL. As always, it has been a pleasure and joy to serve you in all of your marketing needs all year long.

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*Note-These prices may vary. This is not to undermine the integrity and professionalism of the film community. However, it is much more cost effective to get a video made these days and I am trying to be realistic on what the SA market is currently charging. A lot of work goes into making each project special and we don’t want to forget all the hard work that is put forth to make it happen.

“May he give you the desires of our heart and make all your plans succeed.”-PSALM 20:4



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