With over 30 years of leadership experience, Navarra R. Williams joined SAMMinistries as President and CEO in August 2007. He is proud to serve as the leader behind the effort, along with his team, to help thousands of homeless families and individuals as well as those at risk of homelessness. Over the years, Williams and the SAMMinistries’ team have developed several new programs including a very successful Homeless Prevention Program. Williams many years of volunteer and board service are indicative of his commitment to the community and compliments his business and leadership skills to provide Williams with a well-rounded approach to addressing the issue of homelessness.

From The Carver Academy, where Williams worked with David Robinson to create an innovative school for underprivileged children, to his instrumental work in helping generate 5,000 new jobs for major corporations such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin during the Kelly Air Force Base conversion, Williams has always strived to improve the lives of the citizens of San Antonio. During his tenure as Chair of Port San Antonio, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Chromalloy and other anchor tenants for the project came on board , which ultimately helped to save 14,000 jobs.

Williams also chaired the campaign for the Carver Complex which raised $6 million for capital improvements to the Carver Community Cultural Center and the Little Carver Civic Center. In 2009, Williams was recognized by CPS Energy and presented an “Amazing Energy” Award in the field of Community Service. In 2015, Williams was selected as the Small Business Leader of the Year by the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. In January 2016, the La Prensa Foundation recognized Williams and presented him with a Civic Leadership Award.

Prior to joining SAMMinistries, Williams worked for 23 years as an executive in the cable television industry. During his career, Williams led companies in the Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio and San Francisco markets. He was recognized industry-wide on several occasions including the NAMIC’s Hall of Fame (1992), CTAM Research Award (1997), and NAMIC’s Winston H. Tony Cox Executive Leadership Award (2002).

Williams earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude from the University of Baltimore and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Indianapolis. Navarra Williams is an accomplished businessman and community servant. And in his free time, he’s been known to sing a tune or two. In fact, plans are in the works for this singing CEO to take the stage for SAMMinistries Big Give Soundstage on Thursday, May 4th.

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