Have you ever caught yourself just scrolling down aimlessly on Facebook, letting all the words just pass by? Yet, when you see a video (especially one with high engagement) you take the time to watch? This is because we are, and have been in the past several years, part of a fast paced media society. In order to not be left in the dust you want your message to get across to your customers with a more concise delivery of information. This is where videos come in.

Here are a few reasons why you should jump on the video marketing bandwagon:

• Your Brand Becomes Humanized: Video allows you to personalize your brand and put a face to your product or service. Doing this creates a meaningful connection between your business and your clients. Nowadays effective marketing is no longer what you tell your clients, but what your clients tell other clients. Using video allows them to share your message more effectively, creating an experience and something your customers will talk about with others. This testimonial video really gives you an inside look into our brand and what we offer.

• People Love To Be Entertained: When done right, video can be highly entertaining and engaging. Incorporating funny or real-life moments, animation and emotional music will naturally entertain your viewer. Think of how many times you’ve seen a video that made you smile. Did you share it? Most likely you have. Driving a message through an entertaining video is highly effective and almost guaranteed to be memorable. Here is a sample of a fun video we did called San Antonio is Happy.

• Video Has The Power To Sway: The right video can turn a simple viewer into an actual client. We all learn differently, hear differently and see things in a different light. When you show people what you do and truly make them understand your products or services, this has the power to make them either switch to your business or use your products or services in the future.

• People Like To Share Great Content: Studies show that people love to share great content with their friends and colleagues. There’s no greater way to attract new business than for a marketing video to go viral. When one person shares with another, this can create traction written content cannot do. We all want to go viral, video gives you a better chance.

• Tags Are Key To Videos and SEO: Tagging your videos on YouTube, Facebook and all other social media networks allows for your business to grow organically. Granted, this may not happen overnight, but the chances are increased. Tags, descriptions and titles offer easy SEO value. When a potential client looking for your services types in keywords on Google, you want to be first! Video tags are key to making this a reality.

While video shouldn’t be your only means of marketing, we encourage you to include it in your business objectives. We at HeartFire Media can help with just that. We specialize in creating effective marketing videos that reach a specific target audience in the San Antonio market. From start to finish, we help you create the storyboard, write the script, shoot/edit, and come up with a strategic distribution plan. If your business or organization need a great video or would like a quote, please give us a call at 800-235-3964 or email sam@heartfiremedia.net.

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