Menell Orosco has been with the San Antonio Police Department for 22 years and is assigned to the Westside SAFFE Unit. Within the Police Department, Menell has been very active in community programs. She has been an integral part of the Blue Santa program which provides toys to over 30,000 kids. In addition, she also manages the Blue Santa Warehouse where donations of toys are received and organized. She coordinates the Blue Santa Parade along with the Westside SAFFE’s Thanksgiving dinner which feeds anywhere from 200 to 300 people each year.

Menell is also very active in numerous school programs, including bike rodeos for several schools in her district. She also patrols and monitors school zones. She is currently teaching self-defense classes for senior citizens at the Oasis Senior Center and is scheduled to take part in five more events there. She participates every year in the Old Timers Luncheon where retired police officers meet for lunch and are served by current police officer volunteers.

Away from work, she is always willing to help others, whether it is family, friends, neighbors or even just a stranger who needs a helping hand. She is known to take control of any situation that requires her strength, care and sincerity. She is an outstanding police officer, sister, aunt, and friend. We at HeartFire Media admire her heart of GOLD and commend all of her community outreach as a police officer and great citizen of San Antonio!

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