You produced a high quality video that checks all of the boxes from our previous post, How To Produce a Rockin’ Company Video. Now you’re stuck with how to distribute this video and get as many views as possible.

First priority is figuring out who your audience is (which you probably already did when creating the video). Sit down and make a list of the demographics you want to have engage with your video. This helps with scatter brain as well as with the publications you will choose to send your video to.

As far as hosting your video, YouTube is a great tool. It is the most popular video hosting site and is prominent on Google searches.

Once you have a working link for your video make sure to spread the word on ALL your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. With Instagram we advise to take a screen shot of your video, add the link to your bio (since links still don’t work on posts) and have your post refer them to watching your video. Instagram is a very visual form of social media and can sometimes slip our minds because we attribute it to just photos.

Make sure to also add your video to your company website, blog and any newsletter you send out.

Aside from your own social media accounts, a vital component of spreading the word is to do a little PR with your video. Try to pitch it to local publications (this goes back to knowing the demographic you’re working to target.) Best case scenario is that you’re getting your message out to many people who are now learning about your company.

Still need help? We at HeartFire Media can help you in creating your effective corporate video. From start to finish, we help you create the storyboard, write the script, shoot/edit, and come up with a strategic distribution plan. If your business or organization needs a great video or would like a quote, please give us a call at 800-235-3964 or email

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