Gwendolyn Wilder is a United States Air Force retired veteran, who served 21 honorable years in the military, both domestically and internationally. Prior to retirement, Gwendolyn started and ran a successful multi-million dollar global business providing alternate dispute resolution, equal opportunity investigation/counseling, and training to government and civilian companies. Prior to becoming an author, Gwendolyn carried the titles of Applied Behavioral Analysis Tutoring Therapist, Rape Crisis Center Hotline Operator, Mediator, Mediation Trainer, Sexual Harassment Compliance Training Instructor, EO Counselor and Investigator, and Instructional Trainer, providing education in the aforementioned specialties

Gwendolyn works as an English language teacher and Sexual Harassment Compliance Training Instructor where she encourages domestic violence victims to transition from victims to survivors. Gwendolyn put her life experiences and her three degrees in Business Management, Social Services, and Applied Behavioral Analysis to work developing checklists, action plans and providing resources to help others break the cycle of abuse and live a survivor’ s life.

Gwendolyn also volunteers as a domestic violence group facilitator for Child Protective Services, where she assists with family reunification. Many people perceive domestic violence as not their problem because they don’t understand it or why victims choose to stay. Gwendolyn is grateful to share her fictional stories as a way of self-healing and in the hopes of helping other victims know they are not alone and are worthy to experience true love as God intended.

Her new book, It’s OK To Tell My Story! Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence is a work of fiction based on Wilder’s real-life experiences and can be purchased on Amazon.

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