For many, especially small businesses, marketing may seem like an expensive luxury. Many choose to ignore it but there are several ways to market your brand/store/image without feeling like money is just being poured down the drain.

We understand what it means to be on a budget and still want to get your name out to many. Through our experience and our expertise, we have come up with ways to do just that:

  1. Social Media is FREE. Social Media can be your best friend when presenting your name to the public while not paying a dime. A solid social media strategy can not only begin a great reputation but can also reach a wide amount of people that could turn into potential customers. This is your way of communicating to the public on a daily basis about your services and even a little of your personality. The more content that gets shared the better it is for you, so it is important to get creative and engaging with your FB/Twitter/Instagram followers. Now, if you want to make your posts reach a VAST amount of people in a short amount of time you can always “boost” your posts on Facebook. This does take a little bit of money but it is a fast way to gain a greater audience and could pay off for itself.
  2. Are you an expert in your field? Start a blog! Blogs are an eminent tool that allows you to not only publish helpful content but post about the services that you offer. If you think that blogs take TOO much time, you can always have contributors to your blog. This opens the doors to perhaps other audiences that belong to that writer as well as show a vast array of voices on your blog.
  3. Create a short, 2-3 minute video of what you do. Corporate, testimonial, and other type of videos are a huge asset to your brand. We have talked about them in previous posts and greatly encourage using a reputable, creative agency to get you the quality of video you want. Worse than not having a video is having a poorly made one. This is a bit of an expense that you will be glad you invested in. Not only can these videos be used to send to your current customers but they can be posted on ALL your social media platforms, your website, and if you have a newsletter, on there as well.

Need help with your strategy? HeartFire Media is a leading agency in working alongside you to bring your marketing to life. We have vast services that range from video production, social media, and marketing/pr. Contact us at 800-235-3964 or email

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