Digital Marketing can be defined as a wide array or a specific tactic that can be seen online. That ranges from your social media channels to a blog post you have on your website.

According to, people spend twice as much time online as they used to 12 years ago. What does this mean for you? Digital marketing cannot and should not be ignored. It is a powerful way to reach consumers and a vast majority of customers.

There are different avenues in Digital Marketing and they are as follows;

  • SEO Optimization- SEO is an acronym for, search engine optimization. In layman’s terms that means; is your brand being reached by Google? You want your website to be at least top 3 when people search for your services. You want to drive organic traffic to your website with good keyword rankings. This is a strategy that does take time but is very beneficial to your business.
  • Web Design– You want your website to be operational and updated. If people cannot see your place of business face to face or you face to face, this is where they get their first impression of your brand. You want to make sure that all contact information is up to date as well as it being mobile friendly. Your customers are on the go. If your website does not work on their smart phone they will just go to the next website that does.
  • Blog– This is an element that can be implemented into your website. Blogs help with SEO as well as showing your customers that you are an expert in the field. A couple of posts a month can go a long way.
  • Social Media– Each social media platform that can help you accomplish different goals for your brand. The important thing is to at least be present and active in one or two. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by it. The key to success in social media is planning ahead. This is your way to communicate with your customers on a personal level.

If you need help in navigating your digital marketing strategy, contact us at HeartFire Media. We are experts in this field, ready to help you and your business goals. Schedule a meeting with us by emailing,

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