The advertising market has come a long way from the days of print media and bus advertisements. Over the past few years, accepting the importance of social media marketing has not only become required but has become vital to the viability of businesses. While many still hang on to more traditional avenues such as TV commercials and print advertising, the market has shifted to become more focused on social media platforms and their marketing advantages. Now the question is: If every company is promoting on social media, what differentiates them all?

One word: Content.

With the market becoming saturated by paid social media advertising, it is good content that differentiates and attracts the attention of users that businesses can use to generate buzz and in turn, expand its consumer base. Many companies make the mistake of putting a great deal of their advertising budget into amplification of their content and less into the content. This is where companies fail to understand the inner workings of social media. They expand their reach with amplification but they are still showing uninspired content, which will not create the results that they hoped.

The amazing thing is that with tactical and subtle amplification, good content can become great content and help grow businesses organically. The key is to create a lot of quality content and use subtle amplification, e.g. proper hashtags, to help allocate the attention of social media users to the business’ page. Using this technique is most efficient because it provides value to users, brings people to your page organically, and doesn’t require the business having to try and sell to non-customers.

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