Born in San Antonio in 1944, Rosa Rosales grew up in an era of widespread discrimination against women and Latinos. Armed with a degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Michigan, she was among the first Mexican-American women to join the labor movement. She played a key role fighting for worker’s rights and protections in Texas.

Rosales joined LULAC to help make a difference. Rising quickly among the ranks, she was the first woman to serve as a district director, and her district was the largest in the nation.  Later, she served as state director, before being elected national vice president of the southwest. In 2006, Rosa Rosales became LULAC’s national president, the second female in history to hold that leadership role.

From 2006 to 2010, Rosales was instrumental in spearheading LULAC’s mission of service, bringing critical resources to the community. Always keen on the power of volunteers, she called the grassroots volunteer members the backbone of LULAC’s success.  Rosales’ commitment to LULAC stems from a deep held belief that Latinos must work together to improve the quality of life and working conditions of our brothers and sisters.  After almost 40 years of service to the Latino community, Rosales shows no signs of slowing down.  This year, she is co-chair of the host committee for the 88th national convention, which takes place in San Antonio July 4 to July 8.  If her past involvement is any indication, the convention in San Antonio will be the most successful convention in LULAC’s 88 year history.

We admire Rosa’s determination and commitment to the betterment of Latino’s. Thank you for all your years of service and your hard work!

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