Joyce L. Townsend is the sole owner of JLT Revenue based in San Antonio. JLT Revenue is an independent company devoted to demographic research, grant writing, policy papers, team development, and market research for major organizations and large national women’s organizations. Realization of revenue and bottom line growth for the company’s clients has allowed for the additional development of JLT Revenue, Inc. During its existence, it has become established and recognized for consistently attaining financial objectives, being under budget and meeting targeted timelines.

Prior to forming JLT Revenue, Ms. Townsend was employed in senior management roles in San Antonio, Washington, the West Coast and Atlanta. Her career has included the launch of a new telecommunications product line and the establishment of the marketing and sales force, media buys, sales targets, marketing pieces and training manuals within the markets.

In addition, she was responsible for the U.S. division of a FTSE 100 research and manufacturing company’s operations from the American headquarters. Under Ms. Townsend’s leadership, the company realized a net profit increase of 51%. She directed a team of strong managers and led the group of professionals as they opened multiple markets and launched introductory product lines for the United States.

Ms. Townsend attended the University of Texas as well as London School of Economics and Political Science. She has been actively involved in feminism since the age of 16. Early activism included working for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, Title X passage, and abortion rights.  She is the founder of the San Antonio Feminist Film Festival which was formed in the fourth quarter of 2014 to foster conversation and action in the pursuit of full equality for all persons. They work to accomplish their mission through the screening of films devoted to the awareness and the realization of the educational evolution of feminism. The SA Feminist Film Festival is hosting its 3rd annual film festival October 10th and 12th. For more information and ticket purchases visit HERE.


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