We know that there have been an incredible amount of wonderful people who have been first-responders or been part of organizations that are helping many in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  HFM is overwhelmed to see our fellow Texans working together to help those in need and wish we could highlight every single one of them. Please keep the police officers, firefighters, National Guard, and every person on the frontline during this tragedy in your hearts and prayers this week.
Story by: Karen Grace, Kens5 

KATY, TEXAS – A San Antonio volunteer is risking his own life along with a team of people including a generous owner of two choppers to possibly pluck victims out of flood waters.

Eyewitness news reporter Karen Grace spoke to him about the charitable mission.

Flying two choppers doesn’t come cheap. It’s more than a thousand dollars an hour for just one. So he’s raising cash, and quickly, to stay in the skies and save lives.

“We are in route to Katy Texas,” Mike Mihalski said.

When Grace asked him if he considered himself a good Samaritan, he said no.

“I consider myself a Texan,” Mihalski said.  “And I think a lot of guys would do the same thing I’m doing.”

After seeing the devastation in Houston, he’s not sitting on his hands.

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