Resonating from the San Antonio native is the strong demeanor of a compassionate woman who sets no boundaries, only opportunities for her life and the lives of countless others. As founder of MEDwheels, Jane says it’s not simply a company to her, it’s a mission. She sets the stage as a leader, visionary, pioneer and political activist to provide patients who are under medical distress, offering all the same conveniences and care a hospital provides in the comfort of their own homes and surroundings.

Jane’s goals are to help bring any necessary voice to our community when seniors are abused or the underprivileged are neglected. Her goals for MEDwheels include serving the local community and making a difference regarding healthcare issues and small business concerns.

After graduating from Our Lady of the Lake University, Jane moved to Houston, and in the early 1980’s, relocated to the East Coast where for the last seven years before starting MEDwheels, she was involved in the defense industry. Jane served as General Manager and built network protectors for the military. The idea to switch career paths took its turn two years ago when Jane’s brother, Roland, proposed the idea to form a medical home care company. Jane admits it was a huge leap, considering she’d been away from her hometown for twenty years. “San Antonio is a terrific city and I wanted to do it,” she explains. In June 2005, MEDwheels opened its doors to the community. Today, Roland functions as Director of Operations. His wife, Yvonne, controls billing and follow-ups, and Ralph, Jane’s eldest brother will soon relocate from the West Coast to join the family business. Ralph brings 25 years of healthcare experience and is well versed in this ever-changing healthcare environment, while Jane maintains her roots as both the company’s pioneer and healthcare advocate for her patients.

“Nobody does it as well as we do,” says Jane. As a family-owned business, run by an assertive individual who is fueled by passion and who some might even label a bit of a spitfire, Jane consistently stands amongst the public advocating for change within the medical community and political canvas in order to raise a powerful voice for those who are less able to do so for themselves.

Jane is a true badass for her commitment to improving the lives of San Antonio community members in need.

Learn more about MEDWheels HERE.



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