Norma Garcia’s heart is best found in the midst of her community! She has been volunteering and giving back to causes close to her heart for over 34 years. Ms. Garcia was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Since 1999 she has been a licensed Real Estate Consultant. She has over 16 years’ experience in the real estate market. Ms. Garcia’s experience includes running a small business after purchasing a franchise and opening Realty Executives River City.

Her profound love for serving others began when she traveling to Laredo, MX to do missionary work with her mother in law who had a house that was converted to a small church. It was there, at age 16, that she fell in love with service to others. And this was the start of her work in ministry at her local church in the Woman’s Ministry, Couples Ministry, and Leader of the Nursery Department.

Ms. Garcia has been serving as an advocate and passionate speaker for Organ and Tissue donation, after losing her daughter Jasmine, aged 13, in a rollover accident in 2001. Jasmine saved two lives with her heart and liver. She stands firms and believes, “we don’t only save one life, we save an entire generation!” Since 2001, Norma has dedicated her time in raising awareness for the need of organ donation, by collaborating with various nonprofit organizations to include Texas Organ Sharing Alliance being part of the Governing Board, Transplants for Children, National Kidney Foundation, Texas Kidney Foundation and Donate Life.

Today, Norma Garcia is a Breast Cancer Survivor! She has fought the second biggest battle of her life, after she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in August 2016. After seeing the effects of cancer in her own life and the crucial need for patient advocacy, she feels compelled to give back by shedding the light to the many gaps in our patient care health care system. She believes patients need to be equipped to become their own advocates. Ms. Garcia plans to use her experience with Breast Cancer to bring awareness of early detection.

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