Ashley Smith is an architect, a proponent of civic engagement, and an advocate for San Antonio’s transgender community.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Cornell University.

Originally from Alabama, Ashley settled in Texas, where she has worked for several design firms. Her areas of expertise are scientific research facilities and higher education projects.

As an architect at Alamo Architects, Ashley believes that great design can improve our relationships, health, productivity, and community.

Ashley drew attention to the 2017 Texas bathroom bill controversy when she took a snapshot with Gov. Greg Abbott, a proponent of the legislation.

Her photo went viral, and since then, she has appeared in local and national media and has encouraged other transgender people to engage with their lawmakers.

Ashley currently serves on the City of San Antonio Affirmative Action Advisory Committee and is the current President of San Antonio Gender Association (SAGA).

She is working to end discrimination in San Antonio and to transform our city into a more prosperous, urban, and creative place where everyone has an opportunity to succeed and a place to call home.

Kudos to Ashley for her advocacy. Your work in the transgender community and your willingness to be a voice that fights for change provides courage to so many.


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