Denise was raised in the South Texas border town of Laredo, Texas. She is second generation Mexican-American whose first language was Spanish. Denise’s mother, Sonia, began work at a young age as a migrant alongside her family, which forced her to delay high school graduation. With her own self-determination, and with members of her own family telling her it was impossible, Sonia went on to become a nurse and beloved member of her community. Denise’s father, Dennis, came from a proud family of servicemen and women, which inspired him to volunteer to serve in the United States Navy during the Vietnam war. Denise attributes her success as a businesswoman and a scholar to the example of determination and selfless service that her parents provided her growing up.

After High School, Denise went on to complete her undergraduate degree in Business Management with a concentration in Leadership and Administration. She then completed a dual Master of Arts from Webster University in San Antonio, Texas in Management and Human Resource Development. Even after securing coveted leadership positions in academia, Denise continued her formal education and completed a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas where her research focused on organizational commitment and leadership styles. Denise’s current research consists of Servant Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and all of the dynamic aspects of modern leadership.

Denise has held various notable administrative positions in higher education throughout Texas. Her tenure in higher education spans over a decade where she has led and transformed thousands of lives which include faculty, professional staff, and students.

Denise is the CEO of Simpson Strategies, LLC, an empowerment group specializing in performance and personal development. She is a certified life and leadership coach who helps her clients master their own internal forces so that they may fully realize their emotional, physical, professional, and spiritual potential. She specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Strategic Intervention, and other cutting-edge, evidence-based strategies in her practice.

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