Lauren Browning didn’t follow the standard pathway to a career. Although the daughter of highly educated parents, she worked mostly in restaurants for eight years after high school before returning to school and earning a Ph.D. in geology. Specializing in applied geochemical modeling, Dr. Browning calculated details of early solar system formation for NASA and developed predictive models related to the disposal of our nation’s high level nuclear waste for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

In 2014, Lauren became active in Texas politics. She served on Wendy Davis’ Campaign Finance Committee and became active in Annie’s List organization and San Antonio’s newly-formed “Build the Bench” political advocacy group.

Then in 2016, Lauren founded Growing Empowered Together (GET), an arts-based grassroots 501c(3) nonprofit that puts a spotlight on young leaders, artists, and influencers so that they can motivate more of their peers to become more civically-engaged, to vote and to volunteer.

As Executive Director of GET, Lauren works with incredibly talented young people who care very deeply about equality, justice, and compassion. The organization is volunteer-led and also benefits greatly from the work of a few exceptional older folks who are similarly devoted to giving young people a louder voice. GET produces a monthly show on public access television called Millennial Matters that highlights young people who inspire hope, courage and positive actions of civic engagement from their peers. As an arts-loving organization, GET gives young leaders the freedom to tell their stories and speak their truths in whatever way feels best to them, whether that’s through song, dance, prepared speeches, community organizing, one-on-one interactions with those in need, or some other form of expression.

We admire her leadership and vision to educate and empower our younger generation to become more involved in the political process. Keep up the badass work, Lauren!

To learn more about Growing Empowered together, see the links below.

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