K2K Christmas Challenge

HeartFire Media created a campaign in conjunction with SAMMinistries modeled by the idea of Alex, a young girl whose generosity inspired her to give one of her Christmas presents to a child living at SAMMinistries. CEO, Samantha Najera was inspired and created the Kid2Kid Christmas Challenge that would ask local kids to just the same as Alex did, to give up one of their gifts, or make a monetary donation of their own.

The message and goal of the campaign is not only to get other children and families excited about sharing their gifts but to also increase community involvement with SAMMinistries during the holiday season.

Launched in 2016, with social media and news coverage, SAMMinistries gained not only publicity but most importantly a gained increase number of volunteers and gift donations. Children, parents, and families took the challenge, donated gifts, and in the end received a gift back that was priceless…a happy heart filled with joy.

Sam, do we have numbers on the increase of volunteers and how much they got in gift donations?

Email Campaign
Great, so just to clarify… the campaign is titled ” Kid 2 Kid Christmas Challenge” and we will use the hashtag #MyGiftYourGift and every so often #SAMMinistries #EndChildHomelessness, correct?

Kid to kid challenge: based on the recent donation of a young girl, we want to encourage other children to do the same…

Launch #Kid2KidXmas Challenge- The campaign will challenge local children to donate money or sacrifice getting a large gift this year and in return giving those funds or gift (s) to a child at SAMM. We will be using graphic images, photos, and cell phone videos to promote this on social media. The key to the challenge will be to get folks to use the hash tag with the name that we choose to go with. Examples: (#SAMMKidsGIVE #SAMMkids #SAMMkidsrock #MyGiftYourGift #KidsServingKids)

Good morning—
Funny, was just about to email you—HAPPY MONDAY!
Notes on K2K below and out next two “hot topics”

Financial contributions are at $1175 (OK, so one is a single $1000 contribution but hey—it counts)
Trying to get a feel for toys –the donation station manager works weekends so is out today (or at least usually out on Mondays)…
That might be a bit hard to quantify since we have Holiday Wishes and also just random toy donations.

Overall, I think the exposure and discussions have been tremendously valuable either way, and I plan to make this a new annual “thing” 

This Saturday—wrapping party
9:00 am to noon
at Furniture For A Cause (5254 Blanco Road)
please help get media at this –they often come, it would be a nice follow-up to K2K & our Christmas campaign in general

Homeless Memorial
(Flier attached)
Yes—media attending would be great!

Let me know what questions you may have or what I can give you to help!

So… my genius ideas occur at 1 am. Ugh

If you want to sell a problem solutions—here’s a thought/angle—

1. We have an aging donor base. This campaign allowed us to engage two younger generations—younger parents as well as their kids to build philanthropic actions at a young age.

You could also toss this in as a secondary problem
2. We needed a way to stand out among the gabazillion asks that every non-profit is doing at Christmas

Let me know if that helps!

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December 16, 2017

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