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Marketing - Heartfire Media


One of the hardest things in business is developing an effective marketing strategy.

Our marketing strategy consultant loves bringing a client’s vision to life by putting all the pieces together. Our consultant sits with each client to truly learn the ins and outs of the client’s business, does the research, and develops creative ways to hit each client’s target audience and drive more sales.

LIVE Streaming Broadcast

A Live streaming video is one of the #1 ways to engage with your customers.

At HeartFire Media, we offer a full range of live streaming production from planning what your content will be, coordinating the crew, executing the show with live graphics, and giving you a recap of analytics. Our packages for live streaming start at $2,500 per show, depending on the level of involvement. We work hard to ensure you are promoted properly to get the audience engagement you need.

LIVE Streaming Broadcast - Heartfire Media
Video Production - Heartfire Media

Video Production

Our Award Winning Team provides full production services including concept creation, script writing, shooting, editing, and motion graphics.

The video production process can seem to be a tedious and intimidating task. At HeartFire, we ensure to make your experience as smooth as possible with personalized project management. We produce effective and original video projects in a timely manner with compelling imagery and messaging.

Public Relations

We’re dedicated to partnering with people doing phenomenal things.

Our vision for you is bigger and brighter than what you have now. Let our public relations service team create strategic and insightful communications campaigns that have a major impact on the community.

Public Relations - Heartfire Media
Creative Graphic Design - Heartfire Media

Creative Graphic Design

Passion Drives Creativity here at HeartFire Media

Our talented designers produce original and out-of-the-box designs for various needs including custom logos, publication layouts, online web banners, advertisements, etc. We keep your brand and key messaging in mind while going above and beyond to ensure our clients are satisfied with our graphic design service. If you are in need of a new creative logo or a complete rebranding overhaul, the HeartFire team is ready to help!

Social Media

Social Media is a vital part of the everyday marketing strategy.

We love the social media game and are constantly improving new strategies for increasing online presence and customer engagement, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty and increased revenue. From coming up with creative and engaging posts, viral videos, and strategic ad targeting- our team can manage all of your social media platforms on a daily basis.

Social Media - Heartfire Media

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